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Lax Club

3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89119

Hours at LAX at Luxor Las Vegas: They open at 10 and the place gets going around 11:30.

Reservations: VIP tables and booths that will really impress you while squeezing you for some coin.

Music at LAX at Luxor Las Vegas: The usual stuff that people dance to only it sounds better because it is coming out of some incredible speakers. The sound system is touted as the best on the planet and it does sound great.

Dress Code at LAX at Luxor Las Vegas: Get it together for this place because you busted up jeans and those shoes you have been trying to save will not fly at LAX. Dress as if your job interview was with a really hot future boss.

What itís like at LAX at Luxor Las Vegas: LAX is spacious and they have really created a space that makes you want to indulge in a long Las Vegas night. The VIP areas are very nice and you will not feel all that bad about spending the money. The dance floors are spacious and the bars are plentiful. There is little doubt that if you enjoy the nightclub scene in Las Vegas this will be your next favorite place.

Suggestions for LAX at Luxor Las Vegas: If you have the cash go for the Ultra VIP lofts and feel like royalty. If you donít have the cash find someone who does and do your best impression of someone willing to do anything to get a shot at the VIP lifestyle.

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