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Omnia Club

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Age: 21 and over Music at Pure Las Vegas: With three different sections you get a real mix of music from House, hip-hop and even a little rock. Dress Code at Pure Las Vegas: You know men must look very good, all pressed and neat and women must not be nude. Double standard, what if I wear a mini-skirt that is about 2 inches too short? Will they let me in? I really don't want to shave my legs. What itís like at Pure Las Vegas: This is the place where Britney Spears and Paris Hilton might have way too much to drink and then end up on the cover of a tabloid. You can almost always see celebrities here for the simple reason that the club is hot. This is Caesars answer to the high end clubs and lounges that are opening up around town. The owners list is a who's who of celebrities with Andre Agassi, Celine Dion and Shaq taking part in opening this truly spectacular nightspot. The VIP rooms are top notch and expensive and the decor is very high end. The big draw for me is the outdoor terrace with the great views. Late summer nights and early fall should be good. I'll tell you right now it will take a lot of Bourbon to get me to stand out there in the windy conditions of early January. Pure Las Vegas is where all the good looking people will be until the next big thing comes along. However, find your way to the terrace and live it up Las Vegas style. Suggestions: Shower and get together some nice clothes. Make a reservation and book table service and make a night out of it. Relax and people watch. Look at it this way, lets say you spend $250 to $500 on a night at Pure with a $30 bottle of Vodka. You could possibly lose more than that at the Casino. If you're married, this will go a long way in points for your own future endeavors. You know, night out with your friends, that special something you have wanted to buy. If you're single, Pure is the place to meet those of the opposite sex, grab a table and it is almost like you are interviewing for the position. People radiate toward you and your expensive seat at Pure. One more thing, share a little of the Vodka, if you are dead set on drinking the entire thing you could easily blow the entire night.

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