By India Doyle | January 7th, 2019. As a Mediterranean country, Greece is known as a summer destination. Apart from all the options and destinations named in the previous 7 days by Greece, here are some alternatives making it easier for you to choose different destinations, according to your tastes or preferences. We plan to visit Athens, Olympia, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Delphi, Meteora. Athens is operational year-round and even in winter it is quite a nice city to visit with beautiful decorations, processions, and festivals at Christmas time. 8-day Greek Winter Holiday Itinerary. The Acropolis opens at 8 AM, so if you’re in town during the peak summer months, be there before the gates open. This Greece travel itinerary I’m about to share is based on the indie route I made on my first trip to the country. One Day in Athens itinerary This one-day itinerary for Athens will start bright and early at the Acropolis and take in many of the main attractions and monuments of Athens in an easy, walkable route. It boasts the second largest Greek theatre (after Syracuse) in Sicily and is also home to a number of other Greek and Roman ruins. Start your Athenian adventure where it all began: at the Acropolis. Travelers looking to explore Greece during the off season can now hop on board a new ocean cruise itinerary with Viking Cruises. We are reaching Athens on 24th dec and leave back on 4th Jan (afternoon). Answer 1 of 2: My husband and I are planning a 7 day trip to Greece from Dec 26 - Jan 1. It makes me happy on this dreary winter day Reply. a recommended itinerary for a driving holiday in Greece. This itinerary starts in Athens (which is where most international travelers arrive in the country), heads up north to Delphi and Meteora, and then continues even further south to the stunning and ever-so-popular Greek Islands of Santorini and Mykonos (with possible additions of Crete, Ios, or Hydra to round out a complete 2 week Greece itinerary). Answer 1 of 2: My husband and I are planning a 7 day trip to Greece from Dec 26 - Jan 1. Do big tour operators operate this time of the year? See more ideas about Greece itinerary, Greece, Greece travel. 7 to 10 days is not enough time to visit both Greece and Italy. Athens in winter may sound a somewhat unusual suggestion. Definitely, a good time to be reading about Greece though, feeling warmer just remembering it! Aug 22, 2018 - A winter itinerary in Greece gives you the chance to experience the real country and enjoy the sites without the heat or pressure of tourists. One is low prices. Visiting Santorini during the winter season (November-April) is a great option. Costa Cruises Presents New Itineraries For Winter 2020-2021. That’s a given. Honest policy here. Greece has a lot of hype as a travel destination, but I can assure you most of it it’s true! Especially if you are not the person who wants to spend 24/7 by the pool or swimming in the sea (though this is one of the best things you can do in Santorini). Although winters in Greece tend to be mild, you’ll still want something to stay warm, and having a rakomelo, a drink that is consumed year-round but more often during the colder months, is an ideal option. I've based these Greece itineraries around a 10 day stay in the country. Hadrian’s Gate / Temple of Olympian Zeus; Acropolis; Acropolis Museum; Walk on Areopagitou Street; Filopappou Hill; Lunch off Areopagitou Street; Areopag This itinerary takes you through some of the best European cities to visit in winter, with a nice balance of smaller Medieval towns – both of which are stunning UNESCO World Heritage sites. Do big tour operators operate this time of the year? The Parthenon is the most recognizable building in Greece, and thus probably the most crowded of all of Greece’s historical sites. Athens is not the most beautiful city in Europe. 08.01.2019 - Our itinerary hits all the best new venues and all-time classics that make Athens one of Europe's most exciting city break destinations. Attention: This form is for WINTER packages only! Day 3 - Corinth - Arriving in Corinth, join a local guide to explore an ancient city that several empires fought over throughout the centuries. We are sometimes asked whether Athens is worth including in a Greece itinerary. Nov 11, 2019 - Best European Winter Destinations | Looknwalk Though touring the islands can be require a bit of work and some logistics, we’ve tried to minimize the wear and tear. One Week in Greece and Italy. A simple mention of Greece conjures images of stunning beaches cradled between golden cliffs, boats leaving slipstreams across cerulean waters, and ruins under the intense heat of the sun. Two Weeks or More: divide time evenly between the two countries. Regards Sue. by Shweta Markandeya; Posted on March 17, 2018 February 28, 2020 “With an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat, you can rebuild Greece.” – Odysseas Elytis, Greek poet and Nobel Laureate . There are several reasons to visit Greece in the off-season. Tell us a bit about your needs/preferences and we will come up with a special itinerary just for you the very next day! 3 day Athens Itinerary: Visit the “New” Acropolis Museum. Itineraries to make the most of your visit to Greece. No sense wasting time traveling between the two when time is limited. DAY 0: Dec 29, 2017 | FRIDAY: REMARKS / TIPS: 5:30 PM: To NAIA Terminal 1: Manila is 6 hours ahead of time from Athens: 9:35 PM: Flight from Manila to Singapore: DAY 1: Dec. 30, 2017 | Saturday: ATHENS MUSEUM TOUR: 1:15 AM: Arrival in Singapore: 2 hours layover: 3:00 AM : Flight to Greece via Scoot: Fly via Scoot for as low as Php 10,000 (US$200) … Friday Classical beginnings. Viking Announces New Winter Itinerary in Greece. Winter 2020 / 2021 (209) Spring 2021 (630) Summer 2021 (601) Fall / Autumn 2021 (631) Spring 2022 (114) Summer 2022 (49) December 2020 (225) January 2021 (219) February 2021 (219) March 2021 (288) April 2021 (489) May 2021 (625) June 2021 (615) July 2021 (605) August 2021 (597) September 2021 (629) Greece Tours starting in. Share on Facebook. Day 1 & 2 - Athens - Explore the vibrant capital of Athens, an effortless mix of ancient treasures and modern energy. After all, the sheer mention of the Greek capital probably conjures up images of al fresco dining beneath the Mediterranean sun, and of evenings spent sitting beneath the hill of the acropolis sipping ouzo.In reality, the gritty European city makes for a perfect weekend break all year round. Answer 1 of 4: Hi, I am planning to visit Greece during Christmas and new year 2009 with my husband, and wanted some tips on the places to visit. Sue says: December 1, 2018 at 9:10 pm Great itinerary for do it yourself Greek Island hopping! The Greek Odyssey itinerary will sail roundtrip from Athens starting January 2021. You can either build on them if you have more time, or takeaway time if you have less. As much as we all want to spend months on end in this beach lovers paradise, when there are 6000 Greek islands you will probably have to narrow it down. Of course, you may have more or less time depending on your situation. Build your Winter Itinerary in Greece (Free Quote) We love to build private vacation trips for each of our guests. Greece with kids: A 10-day Itinerary for a family trip. One Week Itinerary: visit Greece or Italy but not both. Some of the places were a surprise, others lived to its hype and one big disappointment. Long before Athens built its Acropolis, the people of the Peloponnese set set stony labyrinths on teetering outcrops. Another is that the tourists are mostly gone and life has returned to normal. If you are visiting Greece for the first time, our suggestion is to spend at least three days in Athens. This Athens itinerary is for you! .. Gemerkt von The chaotic Greek capital is a deeply interesting and exciting city–but it’s not always a beautiful one, and its sprawled-out nature can make it a bit of an intimidating one. Feb 27, 2020 - Explore jan leo's board "Greece itinerary" on Pinterest. Visiting 3 of the best islands in 10 days is the perfect taster itinerary for your first Cyclades island hopping trip. 10 Day Greece Itinerary However, Athens should not be quickly dismissed. Taormina is known for its ancient theatre, local nature reserves, and a lively town centre. Two weeks allows time to take in the must-see ancient monuments in Athens and also get a good taste of island life. If you are looking for summer destinations, use this form. The Greek capital is grittier and edgier than most other European capitals. Obviously these are just my suggestions, and you can follow the winter itinerary in summer, but you will probably find that the Acropolis gets too crowded in the morning and too hot in the afternoon. After all, this country has a great variety of ideal places to visit! Alternative Itineraries in Greece. Our answer is a big YES, as our capital city has lots to offer. A blend of raki and honey, this herb-infused spirit is … Tweet on Twitter. To beat the crowds, start your day early. This 10 Day Greek Island Itinerary is a guest post written by Jess from Sneaky Detour. Today is a big day on your one week in Greece itinerary; it’s Acropolis day! Jessica Poitevien - November 8, 2018. There's a reason those ancient gods chose this olive and sun-soaked land for their sweeping adventures and mediterranean marauding. The key to enjoying your visit is taking your time. What to Do in Athens: Your Winter-Spring 2019 Weekend Itinerary Our itinerary hits all the best new venues and all-time classics that make Athens one of Europe's most exciting city break destinations. You’ll get quite a bang for your buck with this trip: within 2 weeks, you’ll hit 5 different destinations in 4 countries! Suggested order for winter Day 1 Athens. info suewherewhywhat says: December 4, 2018 at 6:06 pm Thanks, Nina & each time I visit, I can’t wait to return either. Pick one and stick to it. But if you’ve been following our blog long enough, you know that we love traveling in winter. The city lies at the top of a steep cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea; a Saracen castle lies an even further 150m higher, atop an isolated rock. Not only is it one of the oldest cities in Europe, but it is also a vibrant capital with almost 4 million inhabitants. By. Reply. We plan to visit Athens, Olympia, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Delphi, Meteora. 10 day Greece itinerary for winter. The idea, is that these Greece itineraries for 10 days will give you a base to start from. Nov 16, 2012 - A winter itinerary in Greece gives you the chance to experience the real country and enjoy the sites without the heat or pressure of tourists.